Bookshop Trading Terms

The following terms and conditions apply to transactions with Watsonia Publishing.


Conditions of Sale

(a) Orders may be placed by the customer in any of the following ways:
  • By telephone to Watsonia Publishing's offices during hours of business.
  • By email to Watsonia Publishing's email address.
(b) Orders will be acknowledged and fulfilled by Watsonia Publishing as quickly as it is able given stock levels, transport availability and relevant factors from time to time.
(c) Watsonia Publishing does not guarantee supply and shall not be liable to the customer for inability to fulfil all or part of any order placed by the customer from time to time. Watsonia Publishing will advise the customer as soon as reasonably possible as to orders which cannot be fulfilled.
(d) Watsonia Publishing does not guarantee delivery dates and shall not be liable to the customer in respect of delay in supply of goods ordered by the customer where such delay is caused by matters outside the reasonable control of the company.
(e) The company may in its discretion refuse supply to customers in breach of Terms of Trade in respect of prior order(s) or may offer to supply such Customer upon varied terms.
(f) Watsonia Publishing may stipulate in special offers circulated to customers from time to time conditions of supply, which may be different from those, contained in these Terms of Trade. All special offers shall apply only for the period stipulated and upon the terms expressed in the offer, and shall not affect the application of these Terms of Trade to the customer's other dealings with Watsonia Publishing.



(a) Reference by Watsonia Publishing or any other party to retail prices are recommendations only and there is no obligation to comply with recommended prices.
(b) All prices shown in pricelists or quoted to customers are recommended retail prices (RRP) inclusive of GST.
(c) All prices are subject to alteration without notice.



Watsonia Publishing invoices show the RRP less any agreed discount.


Credit Terms

(a) Credit may be available to the customer only if Watsonia Publishing has issued an acceptance stipulating the terms upon which such credit will be given.
(b) Subject to the terms of the customer's acceptance and unless otherwise agreed in writing by Watsonia Publishing, the credit customer shall pay invoices within 30 days from the date of invoice.
(c) Credit customers whose accounts have an overdue balance will automatically have their credit withdrawn until all outstanding balances are cleared.
(d) The customer shall be entitled to set off credits for returned goods or rebates against amounts owed to the company only after receipt of the applicable credit note from the company.



(a) Watsonia Publishing's policy is to supply free into store to customers in Australia for all orders over $150 net.
(b) Freight and handling charges will be applied to some orders. If the customer requests airfreight or overnight express the cost will be billed to the customer.


Delivery and Acceptance

(a) The customer shall be deemed to have inspected the goods upon delivery.
(b) Damage to goods must be advised in writing to Watsonia Publishing within seven (7) days following delivery; otherwise Watsonia Publishing may accept no liability for damage claims from the customer.
(c) For damaged goods, misbound goods or incorrectly supplied goods Watsonia Publishing will authorise the return of these goods at Watsonia Publishing's expense.
(d) Any unauthorised return of goods will not be accepted by Watsonia Publishing and will be returned to the customer at their own expense.
(e) Replacement copies will be issued for all damaged, misbound and incorrect supply claims.
(f) Watsonia Publishing in its reasonable discretion shall determine whether goods are damaged or faulty for the purpose of this agreement. Generally, damaged or faulty goods are those which are unsaleable at normal retail price and where the damage is visible or otherwise discernible by the customer upon an inspection of the goods when delivered.


Returns/Excess Stock

(a) Goods may be offered on a FIRM SALE/NO RETURN basis and the following items are sold on a FIRM basis:
i. Backlist titles, these being titles that are earlier than those appearing on the current price list.
ii. Titles written for software applications that are not the current or previous version as specified by the software manufacturer.
iii. Titles ordered with customised content, client covers and/or footers.
(b) Goods offered on a SALE OR RETURN basis are subject to the following conditions:
i. All returns must by authorised by Watsonia Publishing Customer Service.
ii. All returns must bear a "Returns Authorisation" label supplied by Watsonia Publishing and the customer's name and address must be clearly visible.
iii. Any unauthorised return of goods will not be accepted by Watsonia Publishing and will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.
iv. Goods may be returned not before three (3) months and not after twelve (12) months after the date of invoice of those goods to the customer.
v. Total excess stock credits will be limited to 20 per cent of the total value of the goods on the invoice.
vi. Annual returns shall not exceed 10 per cent of the total annual purchases.
(c) Goods must be in mint, resalable condition.
(d) Watsonia Publishing will not accept returns that come within any of the following descriptions:
i. The goods are shop-soiled.
ii. The goods bear customer price stickers, stamps, security tags or similar.
iii. The goods packaging or contents are removed or broken.
iv. The goods are otherwise rendered unsaleable.
v. The goods were supplied to the customer expressly on a no-return/firm sale basis.
(e) The customer shall at its expense return the goods to Watsonia Publishing offices appropriately packaged to protect the goods from damage in transit.
(f) The returned goods shall be accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice(s).
(g) A "Returns Authorisation" is valid for one (1) month only.


Reservation of Title

(a) Risk in invoiced goods passes to the customer when Watsonia Publishing has delivered the goods.
(b) All invoiced goods remain the legal property of Watsonia Publishing until the customer has paid for the goods in full.



These Terms of Trade shall be interpreted in all respects in accordance with the law from time to time in force in the State of Victoria in the Commonwealth of Australia and all parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of all courts and tribunals having jurisdiction in that State.



Watsonia Publishing reserves the right to amend or change these Terms of Trade on 30 days written notice by Watsonia Publishing to the customer.